About Us

We are the largest nursery in the South Caucasus. Founded in 1963 as a family business, we own more than 200 hectares of land in Armenia and Georgia. Our nurserys are engaged in the production of planting material both wholesale and retail with a surprisingly wide assortment of over 2,500 items. We are also proud to be the official distributors of many European brand names.
We use advanced production lines that allow us to competently pack seedlings for shipment to various regions. Our seedlings are available to citizens of the all EAEU countries.

The sale and transportation of live plants is always fraught with a number of difficulties. We are well aware that even the most stable breeds and strong seedlings may not survive during transportation. But you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Your money will definitely not be wasted!
An EXCLUSIVE guarantee for the purchased plants is provided for all customers. It is valid for 365 days from the moment the order is received. No company operating in the south caucasus provides such conditions!

Our customers are 100% protected from the risk of losing money! If the planting material does not take root, we will exchange it WITHOUT QUESTION!
All seedlings grown on our nursery are equipped with the latest agronomic technology. We offer only our own products.
Choose the best for yourself and your garden!